Featured on the BBC

Below is an article that featured Bondville Model Village on the BBC. The cameras came from the BBC and filmed the village.
Bondville Model Village, East Yorkshire

Bondville model village houses and music stand in the park at the village

Everything at Bondville is made in a 1:12 scale
Bondville in Bridlington was created by Geoff and Carol Cooper in 1988, their third model village.
Although it is now owned by Jan Whitehead, Mr Cooper still makes and maintains the models and figures while Mrs Cooper helps with the gardening.
What’s unusual about Bondville is its total adherence to the 1:12 scale (plus its picturesque harbour and miniatures of characters from Last of the Summer Wine).

Bondville model village view of the harbour and guest houses in the village

Bondville has a distinctly Yorkshire feel especially with the likes of Compo, Foggy and Clegg outside the Dog and Duck pub.
Ms Whitehead said: “Geoff is very strict on the scale and while many other villages have variances we simply don’t.
“Geoff will adapt things to make sure they fit properly, vehicles in particular are very difficult to buy in 1:12 scale, especially things like ambulances and fire engines, so Geoff will make them himself.

Bondville model village houses and church in the village

Bondville is one of only two villages in the UK to have a 1:12 scale railway which matches the rest of the models and figures (the other is Anglesey)
“The maintenance is a huge task but we are all committed to it. Our buildings are made from concrete with brickwork scribed by hand, it would be much easier to use fibre glass but we don’t want to go down that route because then we would lose the realism which is the real charm.
“People say to us it looks exactly like a real village only in miniature, that’s what we strive for.”
Many model villages enjoy creating humorous shop names and signs, such as Junk and Disorderly in Bondville.

Bondville model village cricketers playing cricket